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28.10.2016 - Vortragsreihe mit Dallapiccola und Verghese


Sacrality and Sacralisation in the Hindu Empire of Vijayanagara: 
Religious Traditions, Art, and History

Raum Ü13, Am Hubland, Würzburg

Dr. (Sr.) Anila Verghese, Director and Principal, Sophia Shree B.K. 
Siromani Polytechnic, Mumbai / Bombay University

14:00 Uhr: Religion with the special emphasis on Hinduism in the 
Vijayanagara Empire (An Overview)


16:00 Uhr: The Sacred Topography of Hampi-Vijayanagara

kurze Pause

Prof. Dr. Anna Libera Dallapiccolla, Edinburgh
17.30 Uhr: The Great Platform at Vijayanagara

Ende: ca. 18.30-19 Uhr